This year, our fundraising project is to purchase new structure turnouts for each volunteer and replace all of the SCBA tanks.

The old “outfits” are old and losing their fire resistance and the SCBA tanks’ life expires on Dec. 31, 2020.

As you have done before, a $100 donation today from each property owner will go a long way toward meeting our goal.

Firefighter gear, equipment and tools with fully protective suit

Looking a little longer out, the department is looking for a used water tanker/tender for firefighting and a new Type III pumper truck.

Last year, 29.5% of Trinity Center Community Services District (TCCSD) property owners donated to the department and 18.6% of the total donation amount came from out-of-district.

Trinity Center VFD is a department of TCCSD. The District operates on property tax budget of about $58,000 a year, of which $28,200 is spent on district fire hydrant maintenance, street lighting, and financial management. The remaining budget is allocated to the VFD’s normal operating expenses and the purchase of small assets. We need your help for these larger purchases.